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Some people ask us, why we cap some tracks.

Radionomy (our stream hoster) started with advertising, targeted to Belgium, Germany, UK, France, Canada, Switzerland, Spain and USA. This means that only these countries hear the advertising. This advertising has a duration of 2 minutes. Other countries will here music, capped to 2 minutes.

Keep in mind that the revenus from these ads are not for our station. The revenus from the ads is just for Radionomy, so their free service can still exist in the future. Thanx for understanding...


52.3%United States United States
8.1%France France
5.8%Germany Germany
4.6%United Kingdom United Kingdom
4.6%Belgium Belgium
3.4%Australia Australia
2.3%Ukraine Ukraine
2.3%Spain Spain
2.3%Brazil Brazil
2.3%Netherlands Netherlands

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